The Mission

The car industry is changing. We are moving into an era of near-silent, hybrid cars that outperform the cars of the past on paper, but, sadly, don’t evoke the same feeling. The future generation is going to see so much innovation and excitement, but at the same time, they may miss out on what it was like to hear how a true V8 roared, how turbo’s spooled, and how exhausts popped and crackled. That is why I am so excited to be able to encapsulate 21 real cars inside of this book, that reminds adults and educates children what was perhaps the most exciting era of automotive innovation.

What Cars Say is a fun, interactive book that allows both children and parents to share in a reading experience about the world of automobiles. This book was created by car lovers, for car lovers regardless of age or gender. Whether you are 3 or 93, with What Cars Say in hand, you won’t be able to stop smiling.

From matchbox cars, to screen savers on your phone and wandering eyes on the highway, the admiration for cars is engraved in all of us. This book was a way to bring that love of cars to life, including detailed imagery, educational facts, and exciting sounds from REAL cars.

Our mission is to bring a smile to the face of each and every person who holds this book in their hand, whether you are a kid by age or a kid at heart.

The Author

Rachael Alfonso may be an adult in years, but she is a giant kid at heart. Growing up, she always had a love for cars, and relished every opportunity to attend a local car show with her dad, or accept an invitation to play Hot Wheels with her little brother. As she got older, Rachael began to further her passion for cars by working in the automotive industry as a promoter at car shows, working at dealerships, and hosting & participating in racing events all over her home state of Florida. Those small jobs over the years turned into a huge opportunity, getting to work beside one of the biggest car collectors & enthusiasts in South Florida, Pejman Ghadimi. Under his mentorship, and through her extensive knowledge and tire burning passion for cars, this book was created.

What Cars Say is a women owned, small business that was brought to fruition during the COVID era, a shining light in an otherwise dark time. What Cars Say has brought smiles to over 10,000 children and adult faces during a time where at home education, and family bonding is more valued than ever before. 

“Growing up, and even now, cars are a huge part of my life. They bring a smile to my face whether I am sitting in the driver's seat or underneath the hood getting my hands dirty. I wanted to create this book because I think a love for cars is something that is inside all of us."